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The following usage of the Electronic commerce page 'nmarakakis.gr' of the << Έψιλον >> store holds legal claims over the specific regulations as derived from the General Lows concerning international Trade - European Low and from the derivatives obtained from the Greek legislation concerning  Electronic commerce also known as  e-commerce.

The acceptance of the usage for the previously mentioned page, automatically engraves the acceptance of all regulations and laws regarding legal right claims inclusively contained by the page 'nmarakakis.gr' or any other third part that is legally attatched to our own. 

<<Έψιλον>> Store, following all laws concerning e-commerce assures 'Consumer protection' which consists of laws as mentioned later in 'INTERN. REGULATIONS - EUROP. LOW ', and organizations designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. 

Any user of the following page automatically accepts that all informations that are provided to as are true, legal, and not contain any untrusted information given .

Our company holds no liability over mistakes that could be appeared, possible from  (mistyping, or misprinted or photo mistakes). Also our company doesn't hold any liability over e-pages of third parties since they are responnsible for the informations given by their own.


<<Έψιλον>> ΜΑΡΑΚΑΚΗΣ Store has the ability to sent anything averywhere in Greece free of charge up to 500 €, using ACS Courier. Outside Greece can be done after a specific charge,or in places that are in a longer distance than usuall.

The order should be completed in a specific order and conserning the availability of the product..For the most of the products which are availabe can be sent within a three days time, after the order has been checked. For every delay that might be appeared cause of strikes or misfunctions over the courier company, our company helds no responsibility.


Every product that you are purchasing from our store helds a unique quarantee. This allows you with an opportunity of payback policy, or an exchange policy for the product purchased. Your only financial obligation is the payment of the delivering expenses for the courier involved (paybackpolicy), or  the payment of the delivering expenses plus the diference of the price between the old product and the new purchased (exchange policy).  The only neccessary condition for sales return to be fulfiled is for the product not to have damaged or been used by any means or have been open or damaged it's packaging.

All Sales return can be done within a period of ten days over the validation given by the original sales paper been sent. Our validation and the return of money can be done within a 30 days period from the day that we take back the product and validate it using a phone call to contack you.

Neccesarry task before any sales return to occure, is before anything you should first contact us throught phone and then continue what whatever should be done. For more press CONTACT.


The payments can be done throught downpayment to courier on delivery or with deposit on a bank account in the following accounts:




or throught a credit card using the best and most secure  SERVERS of 'ALPHA BANK' under the specific crypto code of the bank using an algorith of encrypting the informations using the SSL 128 – bit .

Notes: If you use a payment throught a back account, you are prior obligeged to sent us a bank receipt of the payment throught fax or e-mail


All the regulations laws & directives (directive 2000/31/ΕΚ, ΠΔ 131/2003) according to European and Greek law ,along with the directives 95/46/ΕΚ & 97/66/ΕΚ and low (Ν.2251/1994) and are covered and under the Greek law (Ν.2472/1997), protect individual rights and the protection of personal data along with the use of e-commerce.

Also any use of e-commerce throught the use of a crypto environment of  'ALPHA BANK' Servers, along with the use of an algorith of SSL 128 – bit satisfies all needs of safely transmiting and recieving data performed within the circulation environment.